Willkommen bei EBT Optronic
Welcome to EBT Optronic

Kingbright LED products Master Distributor in Europe EBT Optronics, with a stock of over 1800 Kingbright LED product part numbers and 20 million pieces, our staff of 45 including multilingual operators will take you order and will deliver LEDs and LED based products from stock across Europe in 48 hours...

EBT Optronic is part of CML-IT one of the worlds largest users and suppliers of LEDs.. offering LED Binning and supply of LEDs from our German logistics centre…CML is also a leader in the automotive lighting systems arena and produces a range of LED and Incandescent Products used in Automotive, Aviation, Marine, Transport, Gaming, Industrial and Architectural markets. CML has production and distribution centers in 12 different sites across the globe from Costa Rica to China from New Jersey to Romania. CML can supply anything from a simple LED indicator through to a sophisticated LED system

Find out more about CML-IT and its products at: www.cml-it.com

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